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Asesor energia solar

The tier 1 solar panels we use are the absolute best panels you can find in the market, with international ratings to withstand extreme conditions, including hail storms. With an Inclusive 25-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty, and a High-tech aluminium alloy frame, certified for high snow (5400 Pa) and wind loads (4000 Pa).

Great questions, actually your solar system will provide you an equity increase on your property (Zillow article link

Homes With Solar Panels Sell for 4.1% More)

Also, there’s no lien on your property, no prepayment penalties, and the loan is fully transferable. There’s a UCC1 note on the solar equipment until you pay it, but your home is free of liens.
When the time comes you would reach out to your financier and request to transfer the system to the new homeowner, and in just a few minutes your solar system can get transferred to the new homeowner.

Most customers have a 7-year return, however, the decision to go solar is not only financially smart, but the most impactful reason why most people go solar is the energy independence. The fact you can stop renting your power, and have the opportunity to own your power for zero down, combined with the equity increase on the property, Tax Credit, Depreciation benefits for tax purposes, and savings from day 1, makes it an absolute no brainer.

The Investment Tax Credit is not a Grant nor a Rebate, but a Non-Refundable Tax Credit. Which means that you need to have the tax liability to be able to use this credit. If you don’t have taxable income, most likely you won’t be able to claim the credit. But for most people is an amazing benefit that makes going solar a no brainer. In average the available Tax Credit for the average household is around $12,000. We recommend you to always consult a qualified and informed CPA about the investment tax credit and how it can benefit you.

Quality solar panels for home and business

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